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Navigating the ITIL Framework: What's New in ITILv4 and What to Expect Ahead

Dato: 13. april 2023


Troubleshooting Kubernetes Applications

Date: 12. april 2023

Time: 09.00-10.00

With: Michal Jura

Language: English



Kubernetes is a powerful platform for deploying and managing containerized applications, but as with any complex system, things can go wrong. When issues arise, it's important to have a solid troubleshooting strategy in place to quickly identify and resolve problems.

In this presentation, we will explore best practices for troubleshooting Kubernetes applications. We will start by discussing common issues that can arise in a Kubernetes environment, such as networking problems, resource constraints, and configuration errors.

Throughout the presentation, we will provide practical examples and tips for troubleshooting Kubernetes applications in a production environment. 

By the end of the presentation, you will have an understanding of how to start troubleshooting Kubernetes applications.

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