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Navigating the ITIL Framework: What's New in ITILv4 and What to Expect Ahead

Dato: 13. april 2023


I’m a Successful Business Leader. Why Should I add Cybersecurity in the Top List of my Duties?

Date: 14. april 2023

Time: 12.00-13.00

With: George Dobrea

Language: English


Key topics: 

Cybersecurity is a critical concern for businesses in today's digital age, as cyberattacks and data breaches can cause significant financial and reputational damage. To protect sensitive data and ensure the security of their systems, business leaders must take a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

When it comes to cybersecurity in the workplace, everyone is responsible. Everyone in an organization is at risk. C-level executives are often the target of cyberattacks because they have access to sensitive information and decision-making power. If a hacker can gain access to a C-level executive's account, they can wreak havoc on the entire organization.


Cybersecurity is a CEO-level issue. The risks of cyberattacks span functions and business units, companies, and customers. And given the stakes and the challenging decisions posed by becoming cyber resilient, making the decisions necessary can only be achieved with active engagement from the CEO and other members of the senior management team.


Business leaders should prioritize cybersecurity and treat it as an intrinsic part of company values. While the CIO or CISO leads cybersecurity strategy and efforts, non-cyber leaders, including the board of directors, should be aligned with the purpose and demonstrate appropriate behavior.

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