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Navigating the ITIL Framework: What's New in ITILv4 and What to Expect Ahead

Dato: 13. april 2023


Automating Azure

Date: 11. april 2023

Time: 11.00-12.00

With: Paul "Dash"

Language: English



  • Limitations of the Azure Portal

  • Review of the CLI and PowerShell tools within the Cloud Shell

  • Quick comparison of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates and Bicep files

  • Application of ARM templates through Azure Blueprints

  • Introduction to Automation runbooks

  • Authentication with Run As accounts and managed identities

  • Authoring runbooks in VS Code

  • Introduction to hosting plans for Azure Function apps

  • Authoring Function apps in VS Code

  • "Low code" option for automation

  • Comparison of automation methods and recommendations

Key take-aways:

Tired of reconfiguring resources through the Azure Portal?

Curious on how to have Azure manage itself?


In this webinar we'll explore the automation services available in Microsoft's cloud for the purposes of deployment and management of resources, and also as a response to external events. Multiple Azure services fulfill these requirements, but each has its benefits and limitations. We'll lay the groundwork by looking at tools in the Cloud Shell and review ARM templates and Bicep files. Automating many processes requires the more powerful Azure Automation and Azure Functions. Both have introduced improvements in security and usability. We'll look at useful examples of both services, helping you choose the one right for your task.

Target Audience:

This webinar is targeted towards IT and cloud system administrators who have a minimal knowledge of PowerShell and/or Python.

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