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Next generation Data Warehousing with Microsoft Fabric

Date: 07. mai 2024

Time: 15:00-16:00

With: Magi Naumova

Language: English


MS Fabric has opened a whole new world of data warehousing! The change is not just about the technology; it’s a paradigm shift in the data warehouse field. Join me for this session to share the exciting new feature of Cloud Data warehousing. Let’s see how the next generation data warehouse looks like and what will change with the release of MS Fabric. We will discover the Fabric Datawarehouse, Lakehouse, and how to cross them with shortcuts and queries. You will see how democratizing and SaaS-ifying the Datawarehouse opens a whole new set of scenarios, and how to leverage a Lakehouse together with a Warehouse for a best of breed analytics strategy!


Webinar take-away: 

What is MS Fabric for a SQL BI Expert and what is the trend in data warehousing?

Discover some usage scenarios for data warehouse and Lakehouse in MS Fabric, so that it becomes easier to choose the right path moving forward.

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