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Navigating the ITIL Framework: What's New in ITILv4 and What to Expect Ahead

Dato: 13. april 2023


The Having, Doing, Being Paradigms for Young Professionals: Finding Balance and Success in Life and Work

Date: 13. april 2023

Time: 13.00-14.00

With: Brendan Martin

Language: English


By the end of this webinar, attendees will have a better understanding
and information on:


1: The Having Paradigm: Re-thinking Success and Achievement
2: The Doing Paradigm: Balancing Work and Life
3: The Being Paradigm: Cultivating Mindfulness and Self-Awareness
4: Integrating the Three Paradigms: Achieving Balance and Success in
Life and Work
5: Building a Supportive Community: Finding

Based on Glasspaper workshops: Presentation skills, Business skills.

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