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Marjan Stamatovski

Marjan Stamatovski

Hardening default security in Microsoft Entra ID

8. mai 2024 kl. 10:00:00

Default configuration for new Microsoft Entra ID tenants is not optimal from a security perspective. Let’s see how to address some important configuration for hardening the security settings.

Govern your access using Microsoft Entra ID Entitlement Management

8. mai 2024 kl. 08:30:00

With this webinar you will understand the concept of Entitlement Management and how to configure it for their organizations.  You will understand how the external collaboration sharing can be controlled with access packages and access reviews.

Marjan Stamatovski brings 25 years of IT experience and over 20 years as a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He specializes in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, focusing on cloud solutions, directory services, and system management.
Marjan has led projects in large network design, security management, and innovative enterprise solutions, particularly in telecommunications. His expertise extends to project management and architecture, developing cost-effective solutions across various stages of lifecycle management.

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