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Balazs Kiss

Balazs Kiss

A hundred ways to wreck your AI

7. mai 2024 kl. 08:00:00

"Machine learning security for software developers"
AI is riding the hype cycle nowadays. It beats us at video games, it mimics artists to an uncanny degree -- and most importantly, it is also trying to write, break, and secure source code. Hackers everywhere are probing systems, asking "What can possibly go wrong?" As it turns out, a lot of things.

Balázs started in software security 15 years ago as a researcher in various EU projects (FP6, FP7, H2020) while also taking part in over 25 commercial security evaluations: threat modeling, design review, manual testing, fuzzing. While breaking things was admittedly more fun, he's now on the other side, helping developers stop attacks at the (literal) source. To date, he has held over 100 secure coding training courses all over the world about typical code vulnerabilities, protection techniques, and best practices. His most recent passion is the (ab)use of ML systems when it comes to code security.

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